November 05, 2008

Um...Will Christopher Cross Be There???

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I'm going sailing on Friday in San Francisco and I sort of can't believe it. I know it sounds very romantic and stuff but actually it is a "Team Building" exercise for my department at work.

In some ways this means my job totally rocks! Team Building? With the Golden Gate as your backdrop? KILLER!!!!

But I'd like to remind you that it's November. BRRRR! And as an added complication I am prone to getting seasick. (Hello, Bonine? You work, right?) So right now the whole thing is kind of a wild card, but I'm fairly certain it beats a day in the office. If I'm not barfing my guts out in front of my boss (Go Team!) I'll be sure to take some pictures and post them when I get back.

Hopefully I won't get too sick, because Friday Night Garrett and I are going to see The Faint and I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT!!! They are actually playing at Sac State's Student Union which totally blows my mind! How I wish there were cool shows like this when I was going there. The tickets were part of my birthday present from Garrett a few weeks ago (along with my FAB new digital camera which I will be toting on the sailboat and the new Jenny Lewis album -- which I totally recommend) and it's exceptionally convenient seeing as it is literally about 2 blocks from my house now. If I'm not too cold from a blustery day on the open water maybe we will throw on our scarves and walk over.

As far as I'm concerned the end of the week is looking pretty good -- and the weekend following -- icing on the cake!

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