February 08, 2008

New Hair!

So yesterday I walked into the salon with a long ponytail and a bobby pin and said to my beloved stylist Leyah, "I don't know if you are feeling creative, but when I leave here I'd like to have bangs and no way to pull my hair back."

Luckily for me she laughed and did this:

Here's a little looky from the side:

The back is sooooo short! I mean like an inch and a half short, but I was already feeling challenged enough (read: HELLA TIRED) taking these two pictures this morning that I wasn't about to try and get the back. You can tell by my little, beady, sleepy eyes.

Anyway -- its new and fun and I must figure out how to do it myself when I don't have a salon full of products and utensils and crap! And if nothing else, I can not pull it into a ponytail.


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